Poker training sites

The most comprehensive list on the web. Not pushing particular sites.

Free Sites

moreev I did some great videos for them
flopturnriver Not sure if that advanced, but free
gripsed Better to search for them on youtube.
pokervip Most videos are free. You can see the high stakes videos for a $80 one time fee.

Recommended Sites

deucescracked Used to be good, but not keeping up. I like deathdonkey on 2-7TD and Vanessa Selbst. Videos are mostly multipart series on the same topic.
runitonce Much talked about site with a lot of high stakes content, including by Galfond. They are putting out a lot of videos, but site started in 2013. Also, viewing the good stuff costs $100/month.

cardrunners Used to be one of the best, but not keeping up. They also have fairly lengthy previews and like 30 free videos. I like balbomb for cash and moshman and sochi for SNGs.
husng Seems like a decent site. Has stuff from
sngmentors Seems pretty solid.
bluefirepoker A major site. Mostly on MTTs. Phil Galfond did 150 videos for them form 2008-11, which brought them a lot of business.Galfond is suing Bluefire. Not cheap.
dragthebar A decent site, one of the major ones.
deepstacksu Slickly done short videos. They don’t waste your time. Not geared towards regs, but I found it worthwhile going through most of their stuff.

crushlivepoker All about live cash games.
floattheturn Their rates are good, $10/month. About 150 videos by Jonathan Little (FieryJustice) and his sample videos are good.

Other sites

pokersavvy used to be one of the main training sites. No new videos since 2010. Think you can only access the videos by signing up for poker sites through them.
tournamentpokeredge All tournaments. Not impressed with their sample videos
bestpokercoaching Sold as fairly expensive video packs. Don’t know too much about their quality.
pokerxfactor The first video training site. Not impressed with their stuff. People still post Hhs publically, so has some value in being able to look at how they play.
iveyleague They don’t have much yet, but some old leggo videos. High prices for high stakes content that isn’t there. Not much by Ivey.
dailyvariance Sells video packs. Marketed pretty hard sell, but seems to have good stuff. Also, videos are more slickly produced and stick to key points not wasting your time.
cardgeniouses Will have more information on this site soon.
advanced poker training Plays against bots. Problem is the bots aren’t that strong and play 2008 old-school style.
Proplaylive Online videos by name live pros. Absolutely awful site aimed at casual players.
training.pocketfives Mostly MTT and SNG, not a lot of videos yet.