Stealthmunk libel on 2+2

Since this is Betgo’s site, I will include a discussion of the Stealthmunk controversy. I had a coaching ad on 2+2 from late 2010 to early 2013. I had strong qualifications to coach at the rates I was charging, based on very strong recent stats. Those stats included a 17% ROI in $16/18s and a 40% ROI on a smaller sample in $12/180s both for 2011 before “Black Friday”. I also had 20%+ ROIs in $12/180s for each year 2008-2010. I had many very strong reviews in my coaching thread.

Stealthmunk (Justin Schwartz) is a convicted felon. He later notorious for his behavior during a deep run in the WSOP ME, such as constantly talking while other players were in big hands, including telling other players what to do and why. He was disqualified from a live final table, and otherwise made himself notorious with his behavior and otherwise.

So Stealthmunk disliked some posts I made in HSMTT, which was outside of the area I coached. The software on 2+2 spit out a message “See my coaching listing” whenever I posted. He said some things to me on the forum, and I responded with comments about his bad behavior. I had great past results in HSMTT and was interested in discussing it. It is probable that I didn’t understand some of the latest high stakes plays, and that was partly why I was discussing it.

All I did was place a listing for coaching in areas that I had among the highest if not the highest ROI in. I got business due to my recent stats and many favorable reviews in the coaching thread. I never coached more than 12 hours a week.

So Stealthmunk gets into a disagreement with me, and decides to go into a campaign against my coaching business. He makes hundreds of posts warning about my coaching business, calling me a fraud, scammer, charlatan, professional coach, idiot, person of low intelligence etc. He recently restated all his libelous claims and then sort of gave up when he saw how impressive my stats were.

He currently uses my picture as his avatar, with location “Poker Coach, ICM Expert”. I guess this a saving face for him, so I won’t challenge it to strongly. However, I have not given him permission to use my picture. Also, I have not coached in several years. I have great stats, but I only coach games I have stats showing I can crush. I got business based on current stats in favorable reviews. I have stated repeatedly that ICM software is inaccurate, and I am not an expert on it. He made the claim that I do not understand ICM knowing my opinion of ICM software.

I understand that 2+2 allows criticism of advertisers, including big ones like PokerStars. That is a good policy. However, in this case it was not criticism of the coaching, which he knew nothing about. He just made all sorts of false and libelous claims due to disagreements with me and due to my posts in strategy forums that were not in my area of coaching.

There is a difference between legitimate criticism and libel. Making claims like fraud, scammer and so on with no basis and no knowledge of my coaching business in a malicious attempt to damage my business and reputation is libel. There should be some limits on this, even if the poster posts great strategy.