Avoiding traps

Hiring a coach

It is probably best not to hire a coach who advertises coaching services. I would be suspicious of anyone who is putting out videos and so on promoting coaching services or otherwise looking for business. I would avoid anyone who is being staked or who used to have big results but now mostly coaches. Contact someone whose videos or maybe forum posts you like. Look for recent good winning results.

Take advantage of free videos

There are lots of sample videos on sites and you tube. You can save money, but also get more familiar with what is out there.

Video packs

These tend to be sold hard sell. In general, I would be careful about these. They tend to be marketed towards amateur players looking for a quick fix. However, they do tend to be packed with information and more slickly produced than videos from sites that pay authors by the video.

Live poker seminars

Not a scam or anything, but probably not worth the price. Can get more information much cheaper from online videos.